Introducing ecopay®


It is with the greatest esteem, as a C.E.O. of ecopay® to introduce ecopay®’s ecoswiper® and the green machine through our green payment processing. ecopay® will take a time-tested process of merchant payment services to build a national and international… Read More



Where do the Funds Go and Who Benefits? ecopayⓇ will educate, inform, and assist with the processing to fund environmental efforts local, regional, national, and globally. ecopayⓇ  recognizes it all begins at home and with our everyday lives,… Read More

ecopayⓇ Retail Services


ecopayⓇ provides all the tools required to manage and control payment procedures from a single source. We design and manage our programs in-house to provide a consistent and seamless operation with superior customer services. The Complete Merchant Account -… Read More

ecopay® Values


ecopay® will cost the merchant nothing additional, ecopay® will cost the consumer nothing at all. What it will do for the environment is everything. A percentage of all monies generated will go directly to environmental education. ecopay® is… Read More

Get Involved at No Cost!!


A percentage of the swiped net transaction fee associated with this sale, will go directly to your local business, schools, universities, and parks, to fund environmental educational programs. ecopayⓇ is only asking for your participation with this merchant…. Read More

ecopay® ecoswiper® at no cost!!!


Every transaction raises money for your local environmental causes while saving trees & never needing paper again! You can Sign up for your FREE ecopay® ecoswiper® Wireless  & App. ecopay®’s ecoswiper®  converts a mobile device into a secure terminal to… Read More

Our Vision


To bring the environment and the electronic payment processing worlds together for the first time. Through integrity, innovation and a “pay it forward” attitude, ecopay® has designed a “give it back” campaign to support environmental fundraising solutions and… Read More

ecopay® – Green Machine


“A Green Way to Pay“ The ecopay green machine is the ideal choice for merchants who know exactly what they want today. The ecopy® green machine, the terminal efficiently processes debit and credit payments, and will even support one… Read More

WATCH THIS VIDEO: The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Process Transactions While Raising Money for the Environment and Saving Trees!!!

The light-weight ecoswiper® simply plugs into your devices’ standard headphone jack and, when used in conjunction with the ecopay® application, becomes an easy and effective way to quickly grow your sales or collect money while helping the environment…. Read More