About ecopay®



ecopay® will handle the process of planning & executing the conception, pricing, promotion, distribution of ecopay®’s goods & services, to create a fund-raising exchange to satisfy eco-individual and eco-organizational objectives – with the environment winning.

The business to business ecopay® sales group will concentrate our first phase on environmentally aware and conscious companies which are currently processing credit/debit cards on traditional payment platforms. Companies whom have expressed interest or awareness in the environment (all environmentally conscious companies, health and organic stores. i.e., all geographic segmentation small to medium-sized businesses. ecopay® will match or beat their current fee schedule, while raising money for environmental education.

ecopay® will be able to offer a more profitable and cost-effective pricing model in most cases, as well as attracting new customers for merchants due to ecopay® acceptance. Branding them as ecopay® merchants, generated by ecopay® representatives and supported by ecopay®. The donations that ecopay® generates from merchant account development will come from processing revenues as a direct result of using.



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