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Since 2005, Daniel DeVore, C.E.O. and founder of ecopay® has been dedicated to the payment-processing industry. Daniel DeVore has continually been recognized for delivering cutting-edge product and service offerings, and out-of-the-box development, i.e., ecopay®. By developing and inventing the green sale, Daniel DeVore and ecopay® look forward to processing credit and debit cards for traditional returns while raising monies for United States environmental educational programs related to business and schools. Daniel DeVore resides in Los Angeles and has offices throughout Southern California. Daniel DeVore has recently graduated from U.C.L.A.’s environmental program headed by Professor Dr. Eugene Tseng, Director of Environmental Studies, U.C.L.A.

Daniel DeVore has designed national marketing campaigns, from presentations in-house to field applications; from agents to companies. He is responsible for starting CDM Merchant Services, a successful merchant services company of over 7 years, with accounts from every industry. Daniel DeVore has over 10 years of sales and management and has consulted Fortune 500 companies for their direct sales campaigns. Daniel DeVore founded ecopay® and will lead the environmental campaign throughout the United States and abroad. He will identify and capture new markets, design and architect management at all levels, with a green corporate culture, he will handle tactical and strategic development to achieve company goals.

Daniel DeVore wrote ecopay® as a transaction based payment application written specifically for all credit and debit bankcard point of sale transactions. A first time direct way, to fund the environmental programs from each and every credit and debit based sales transaction throughout the United States and in your area while realizing great profits. ecopay® will directly fund and assist environmental programs through Visa/MC based sales with any participating ecopay® locations, to raise money for your local schools and educational programs. The ecopay® funds raised could be distributed immediately for the environmental programs so desperately needed in your area, and around the United States. ecopay® is a for profit company helping nonprofit and for profit entities.

ecopay®’s Green Machine is the world’s first proprietary environmental fundraising terminal, specifically designed process on the ecopay® platform. 5% of traditional swiped net credit card fees that merchants traditionally pay to process credit and debit cards from ecopay® will go to schools, parks, and universities for environmental education throughout the U.S. ecopay® has founded the Green Sale, ecopay® ‘s Green Sale will cost nothing to the U.S. consumer to use and swipe. Where do all the funds go and who benefits? ecopay®’s green machine will fund environmental educational efforts local, national, and globally while realizing great profits. ecopay® recognizes it all begins with our everyday lives and simple participation, one green sale at a time. ecopay®’s Green Machines can be put all over the U.S. and eventually around the planet. ecopay® - A Green Way to Pay

I sincerely believe in the sustainability of ecopay ®and the give back concept to help environmental programs everywhere. I believe in ecopay®, the very concept that by based by getting a lot of good people to help a little bit, by participation for a good cause – that is what makes ecopay® great. Our goal will allow ecopay® to develop a base of merchants to grow directly from revenues generated.

That is ecopay®.dandevore

Daniel DeVore, C.E.O. Founder

UCLA Graduate/Environmental Studies

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  1. Testimonial

    Dr. Eugene Tseng

    Dear Customer,

    I have been involved with the environment for over 30 years. I have never seen such a need for environmental solutions like today, not just a one time solution, but a renewable solution to a renewable problem. As a responsible society we must help and participate, as custodians of Mother Earth; it is our duty. This program costs you nothing – but will benefit your local & national school’s environmental education programs with everything. I find ecopay® to be a financially consistent answer to this environmental necessity. I hope you bring ecopay into your everyday life and know that when you shop at a participating ecopay™ merchant, you are part of the solution to benefit your local community.

    Dr. Eugene Tseng
    UCLA Professor
    Environmental Studies

    Dr. Eugene Tseng is an Environmental Engineer/Attorney with 35 years of design, regulatory, and construction experience with MRFs, transfer stations, and Alternative Technology Facilities. He holds various process patents on new construction materials made from the recycled waste stream. Eugene is a Law Professor with the University of West L.A. School of Law, and is the Director of the Center for Environmental Justice. Eugene is the Founder/Instructor of the UCLA Extension’s Recycling and MSW Management Program. Dr. Tseng was a Charter Member of the U.S. EPA’s National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology Transfer, and assesses environmental technology for developing countries.

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