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ecopay®’s ecoswiper® makes it possible to convert a mobile device into a secure POS terminal to process credit cards. Merchants and consumers can now quickly and securely process electronic transactions on mobile devices, regardless of location and help the environment at the same time. In addition to using our secure & encrypted, magnetic stripe card reader, you can also get rid of the paper receipt and a percentage of the sale goes to the environment each and every time you use the ecoswiper®. No more receipts! Email it to your customer or friend with ecopays® ecoswiper® while you save trees, at no extra cost a percentage of the sale goes to local and national environmental causes.

The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Process Transactions While Raising Money for the Environment and Saving Trees

The light-weight ecoswiper® simply plugs into your devices’ standard headphone jack and, when used in conjunction with the ecopay® application, becomes an easy and effective way to quickly grow your sales or collect money while helping the environment. If you are an A/C company on the go or the C.E.O. of the household, we can help you collect funds and help the environment at the same time. Each and every transaction requires no paper, email it and you’re done. Also know you just raised money for the environment as well as help save trees.

Whether your device is Apple, Android, or BlackBerry or almost all smartphones and PCs, our solutions can work for you, because we’ve gone to great lengths to provide support for both the ecoswiper® and the ecopay® application, on the widest range of mobile devices and networks possible. Our goal is to help the environment each and every swiped sale. Through our two-step ecopay® process, it’s a win-win. Think about it, a “pay it forward” and “give it back” program along with saving trees every swipe, and raising monies to plant more every swipe.

ecopay®’s ecoswiper® has all of the features required to process securely. Its PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant. Getting your ecopay® ecoswiper® is as easy as 1-2-3.

Working on almost all smartphones and PCs, ecoswiper® requires no paper and never will. Our ecoswiper® emails your receipt to your friend or customer within seconds of the transaction. If you and your community get involved, you can help your local environment each and every sale on the ecoswiper®. It will raise money and help fund your local causes, while saving trees at no additional cost to swipe.

If you incorporate the ease of use, now let’s talk about the environmental benefits, which are huge!!! The need for paper based transactions is gone and part of the past. Now you can simply email the transaction information to your customer, friend, or family member. We can save millions of trees a year if the need for the receipt is gone. Lastly, the fact that we are giving back on all the transactions to the environment is a win-win. For a limited time you can pre-order your ecopay® 

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