Environmental Merchants Association


E.M.A.© (Environmental Merchants Association) will be the first nationally & internationally recognized merchant association. An educational e-compliant based forum for only business to business exchange. Forum for educating & informing the merchant information to create awareness . a database reporting system that will be the branded standard following all local, regional, and national legislative requirements.

Since domestic/international eco-commerce is in its infancy, there is no single dominant, provider or supplier of content or solutions that has been branded as the national/international business standard. During this unique & opportune time; E.P.A.©, ecopay®, Ecosource© & E.M.A.© can position themselves as the benchmark leaders in the explosive growth of national and international environmental commerce, E.M.A.© will be a non aligned association. E.M.A.© will provide a forum with public sector compliance and private sector concerns. E.M.A.© can be that bridge to educate, and create business awareness. All databases will be vertically & horizontally integrated with E.P.A.©, Eco-Scape© & Ecosource©.


Strategic Overview

             All processing and product offerings only benefit the bank and offer no fund-raising campaigns to help benefit the environment.  The strategy of developing not only a better processing model, but a fund-raising relationship with the merchant and consumer is unprecedented.  The environmental cause is the backbone to the strategy.  ecopay® is the solution.

             ecopay® will make first contact with merchants on a national scale utilizing all technologies to contact as well as an educational eco-force (Sales Force).  A national outbound sales program will be implemented with an aggressive growth development model.  ecopay® search engine portal will allow all of our merchants and consumers to exchange environmental ideas – educate and search for eco-conscious merchants.  This will form the largest environmental database in the world.  E.M.A.© is the third phase of this strategy.  The first association designed to unite merchants, educate and create compliances, in the private sector.