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ecopay® is the world’s first green processor and founder of the green sale for merchant bankcard processing.  ecopay® is a direct way to fund the environment from each and every consumer credit/debit card based sale through a participating ecopay® merchant that is processing bankcard transactions.  This funding platform is supported through, first time ever, an in-house developed proprietary funds routing and transfer program design to directly fund local, regional & national environmental educational programs.


Our beautiful Earth was nickeled and dimed to its current state.  ecopay® can nickel and dime her back to health and generate the first ever Point-Of-Sale (P.O.S.) environmental education platform.  ecopay® educational platform is unique and the first of its kind to provide ecosearch capability and education goto of tomorrow for merchants and consumers. ecopay®  merchants will receive, for participating, a free eco 101 education via ecopay® educational portal which is headed by Eugene Tseng. Esq, Founder of UCLA Extension MSW Management Program and Yu-Yue Yen, Chairman of  EcoTelesis International, Inc., a non-profit environmental organization, with oversight provided by Gary Petersen, Chairman of Green Seal and Bob Sulnick, Esq, President of Arroyo Hondo Consulting, LLC, and with others behind these forward thinking environmentalists.


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