E.P.A.©, Ecosource© & E.M.A.© will handle the process of planning & executing the conception, pricing, promotion, distribution of E.P.A.©’s goods & services, to create a fund-raising exchange to satisfy eco-individual and eco-organizational objectives – with the environment winning. Concept: ecopay®, E.P.A.©, Ecosource© & E.M.A.© Pricing: All traditional bankcard pricing models discounted to meet or beat the marketplace and the only fund-raising of 10% to 50% of card based fees to be donated local, regional, national, global environment causes (i.e. universities/schools/parks). The sales and marketing program for the first year will concentrate on developing the U.S. market through:  

a. Take over of merchant accounts/ecopay®

b. Free upgrade/Terminal placement - ecopay® 

c. Ecosource©/Ecoscape© branding the E.M.A.© Network

d. Website, e-commerce, additional donation – i.e. Tipline

e. Direct sales/Green machine development

The business to business Eco-Force© sales group will concentrate our first phase on environmental aware/conscious companies which are currently processing on traditional pay platform. Companies who have expressed interest or awareness in the environment. (i.e. all eco-named environmentally conscious companies, health and organic stores. i.e., all geographic segmentation (i.e. San Francisco) small to medium-sized businesses with corporate accounts being worked on concurrently. Core target markets will be small businesses whom are currently processing Visa/MC transactions. ecopay® will match or beat their current fee schedule.

   E.P.A.© & ecopay® will be able to offer a more profitable & cost-effective pricing model, As well as attracting new customers due to E.M.A.© & ecopay® acceptance. Branding them as eco-merchants through E.P.A.©, consulted by Eco-Force© reps, supported by E.M.A.©. the profits & donations that E.P.A.© generates from merchant account development will come from processing revenues as a direct result of using ecopay® processing.

This will be very popular merchant placement program. It will not follow any traditional terminal placement programs, currently in the marketplace.

All horizontal and vertical strategic alliances will be implemented, working with qualified institutions, firms, and well established environmental non-profit & for-profit companies. plans for other firms in their respective industries will be incorporated for the future, that align with our environmental mission & vision.

   E.P.A.© & Ecoscape© will benefit from an immediate subscription revenue base with eco-friendly or desire to be eco-friendly companies.  A progressive volume will bring in more subscriber merchants, due to increasing environmental programs, concerns and awareness-concurrently working with ongoing marketing & sales efforts through the Eco-Force© sale program.

An eco-sales force, Eco-Force© will be put in place immediately through local, regional, and national sales channels. Growing demand for environmental awareness has prompted public and private sectors worldwide to upgrade the consciousness and awareness in reference to their local communities.  The funding & distribution of knowledge, education, & monies will have a huge & positive environmental impact. There has never been a centralized forum or exchange of educational content & access to a system until now.  It is the world’s environmental common problem requires the world’s first common eco-solution. A financial solution is needed to provide funds & education, E.P.A.© & ecopay® must be on a national & global scale to counter the global problem we face. It is the world business community and consumers in general that will financially drive this immediately needed environmental change to occur.

This ecopay® and E.M.A.© Programs will be distributed through all-sales force channels. All information links and content will be established to educate, inform, and create value to a simple eco-payment fund-raising platform.         All terminals will be designed, deployed, downloaded, and distributed thru a centralized program, designed to support all merchants with processing & technical support, an eco-customer service will be set-up in the first generation of the E.P.A.© business plan.

Environmental concerns & timing is completely on the launch side, and confirmed environmental demands will only create a desired merchant base. The second generation of this E.P.A.© & ecopay® campaign will include the establishment of field offices/ nationally & internationally to work throughout major cities to promote the E.P.A.© & ecopay® program. All primary centralized processes, will be handled by the E.P.A.© fulfillment center & headquarters. The main objective of field offices is to offer sales, support& service to develop ecopay® merchant subscribers while maintaining existing customers, concurrently educating the local community, from business to consumer.

The Ecosource© solution offers a simple and seamless worldwide business to business & business to consumer – eco-commerce platform. There will be ongoing national subscription development and other revenue streams, increasing funds raised in all divisions. This will result in increased marketing efficiency, information flow and merchant/customer support. Ecosource©, E.P.A.©, & E.M.A.©, will support environmentally conscious programs, locally, regionally, & nationally with education & information to ensure this, E.M.A.© will support an ongoing environmental free flow of content.



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