Since 2005, the ecopay® founder and developer has been dedicated to the payment-processing industry. He has continually been recognized with industry accolades for delivering cutting-edge product and service offerings, and out-of-the-box development, i.e., ecopay®.

ecopay® continues to invest in integrated payment products and their systems infrastructure. Our end-to-end solutions and global reach offer critical business advantages that deliver cost savings, improved customer service, unsurpassed speed-to-market, and efficient cash flow. While developing revenue streams for profit and non-profit considerations, concurrently funding environmental programs locally and nationally.


Cumulative Summary


This ecopay® proposal will rewrite the history books about when the market place gave back to the environment, which it has abused for hundreds of years.  This payback fund-raising formula will allow merchant involvement without additional merchant costs, consumer involvement without additional consumer costs.  This model compliments the world we live in and creates a solution second to none.  This is the future by choice but even more by necessity.  ecopay® will create an environmental solution to an environmental problem.


ecopay® is the first search engine and portal exchange platform for merchants and consumers to free flow information and ideas to support exchange.  For the first time the environment can be restituted deservingly, consistently and financially.  Environmentally negative incremental processes which got us into this mess will be countered with positive incremental processes to get us out of the mess.  With consistent input to output we will begin to create a shift against the problem and will be a leader in environmental education for merchants and fundraising.  This can be changed to ultimately have the environment and mother earth reap the rewards so over due.

ecopay® is here and now, ecopay® is the future of the environments survival.

 Dan DeVoredandevore


Founder, ecopay®

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