ecopay® Values


ecopay® will cost the merchant nothing additional, ecopay® will cost the consumer nothing at all. What it will do for the environment is everything. A percentage of all monies generated will go directly to environmental education. ecopay® is the integral link between the environment and electronic payments for buyers and sellers. ecopay® can be counted on to bring bold ideas and advanced technologies to our customers that will ensure their success in the rapidly evolving electronic universe. ecopay® will exceed our customers’ expectations and build winning relationships through the exceptional quality, unquestioned integrity, and passionate commitment of our ecopay® team members to help us win the environmental way. With your help and participation we start an eco-movement for payment processing, ecopay®.

WATCH THIS VIDEO: The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Process Transactions While Raising Money for the Environment and Saving Trees!!!

The light-weight ecoswiper® simply plugs into your devices’ standard headphone jack and, when used in conjunction with the ecopay® application, becomes an easy and effective way to quickly grow your sales or collect money while helping the environment. If you are an A/C company on the go or the C.E.O. of the household, we can help you collect funds and help the environment at the same time. Each and every transaction requires no paper, email it and you’re done. Also know you just raised money for the environment as well as help save trees.

Whether your device is Apple, Android, or BlackBerry or almost all smartphones and PCs, our solutions can work for you, because we’ve gone to great lengths to provide support for both the ecoswiper® and the ecopay® application, on the widest range of mobile devices and networks possible. Our goal is to help the environment each and every swiped sale. Through our two step ecopay® process, it’s a win-win. Think about it, a “pay it forward” and “give it back” program along with saving trees every swipe, and raising monies to plant more every swipe.

ecopay®’s ecoswiper® has all of the  features required to process securely. Its PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant. Getting your ecopay® ecoswiper® is as easy as 1-2-3.

Working on almost all smartphones and PCs, ecoswiper® requires no paper and never will. Our ecoswiper® emails your receipt to your friend or customer within seconds of the transaction. If you and your community get involved, you can help your local environment each and every sale on the ecoswiper®. It will raise money and help fund your local causes, while saving trees at no additional cost to swipe.

If you incorporate the ease of use, now let’s talk about the environmental benefits, which are huge!!! The need for paper based transactions is gone and part of the past. Now you can simply email the transaction information to your customer, friend, or family member. We can save millions of trees a year if the need for the receipt is gone. Lastly, the fact that we are giving back on all the transactions to the environment is a win-win. For a limited time you can pre-order your ecopay® ecoswiper® prototype and be part of the future of payment processing.

Introducing ecopay®


It is with the greatest esteem, as a C.E.O. of ecopay® to introduce ecopay®’s ecoswiper® and the green machine through our green payment processing. ecopay® will take a time-tested process of merchant payment services to build a national and international brand for the world’s first green payment processing solution. ecopay®’s ecoswiper® is a first generation wireless card reader and application specifically supported through ecopay®’s proprietary platform designed to directly raise monies to fund and educate businesses, consumers, and schools on environmental programs. ecopay®’s ecoswiper® is a transaction based wireless application written specifically for all credit / debit transactions designed to fund environmental education  from each and every sale, through ecopay®’s ecoswiper® or green machine. ecopay® will directly fund environmental educational programs through credit / debit based sales with any merchant’s participating locations, to raise monies for communities and schools environmental programs. The ecopay® fundraising program will be available to the market effective immediately. The ecopay® program will cost the merchants nothing additional, the ecopay® program will the cost the consumer nothing. What it will do for the environmental programs is everything. The goal is to process all credit and debit transactions through the ecopay® proprietary payment platform. ecopay® looks forward to seeing the benefit from this fundraising program and know you and your community were a part of it, With your support and participation we can achieve great success for greatly needed programs in your area. We are almost there, we just need some last help to fire up the manufacturing line, and get the ecoswiper® out to the world. We appreciate your support and look forward to giving you ecopay®.



Where do the Funds Go and Who Benefits?

ecopayⓇ will educate, inform, and assist with the processing to fund environmental efforts local, regional, national, and globally. ecopayⓇ  recognizes it all begins at home and with our everyday lives, with simple participation, ecopayⓇ can begin to educate and inform people so your schools and community about the environment and sustainability; in the things we can all do to help our planet. By using ecopay, you as a customer, will help fund education programs to create an awareness and understanding about renewable programs from a renewable program – ecopayⓇ.

ecopayⓇ Retail Services


ecopayⓇ provides all the tools required to manage and control payment procedures from a single source. We design and manage our programs in-house to provide a consistent and seamless operation with superior customer services.

The Complete Merchant Account
- Accept any form of payment your customers carry
- All major credit cards (Visa / MasterCard /  Discover / American Express / Diner’s Club / JCB) – Full ACH/EFT services
- Electronic gift card and loyalty card programs
- Debit card (ATM) acceptance

Check Verification/Guarantee  – Check acceptance made simple
- Electronic check deposit eliminates time-consuming steps, lowers cost and avoids returned item fees from your bank

Emerchantview – Online statements will show Where your money is:
-  Reference transaction data from previous days without time-consuming calls to customer service                                             -  Be alerted to chargebacks more quickly
-  View activity for your multiple locations

Shopping Cart Technology – Shopping cart technology is your online catalog that features a secure shopping cart and a built-in sales clerk, al ways available to show your products to customers. Shopping cart technology will automatically transact the sale and even prepare sales reports. With secure online access, your customers shop with ease, any time of the day. You can add and change items in seconds and you can view transactions easily with online tracking Reports and site statistics data.

Get Involved at No Cost!!


A percentage of the swiped net transaction fee associated with this sale, will go directly to your local business, schools, universities, and parks, to fund environmental educational programs. ecopayⓇ is only asking for your participation with this merchant. ecopayⓇ  will do the rest of the processing to ensure a percentage of this sale will go directly to local businesses, schools, universities, for environmental education.


ecopay® ecoswiper® at no cost!!!


Every transaction raises money for your local environmental causes while saving trees & never needing paper again! You can Sign up for your FREE ecopay® ecoswiper® Wireless  & App. ecopay®’s ecoswiper®  converts a mobile device into a secure terminal to process credit cards while raising money for the environment and saving trees at no cost to you!!!Working on almost all smartphones and PCs, ecoswiper® requires no paper and never will. Our ecoswiper® emails your receipt to your friend or customer within seconds of the transaction. If you and your community get involved, you can help your local environment each and every sale on the ecoswiper®. It will raise money and help fund your local causes, while saving trees at no additional cost to swipe.

Our Vision


To bring the environment and the electronic payment processing worlds together for the first time. Through integrity, innovation and a “pay it forward” attitude, ecopay® has designed a “give it back” campaign to support environmental fundraising solutions and environmental educational programs for business, schools and saving trees. ecopay®’s vision is based on the fundamental concept of environmental management, and that is sustainability, source reduction and renewable programs. ecopay®’s program can run indefinitely with exponential growth and is always going to be part of our culture and society with credit and debit sales to create as sustainable model. ecopay®’s goal is to be the payment processing industries first paperless credit / debit card processing to save millions of trees. But more importantly educate consumers business and schools on the need to source reduce. Lastly, ecopay®’s payment platforms, most unique selling position is that it is renewable – it is a constant – not a onetime fundraiser, but a renewable revenue  stream for national environmental education. We hope you share our enthusiasm and our vision.

ecopay® – Green Machine


“A Green Way to Pay

The ecopay green machine is the ideal choice for merchants who know exactly what they want today. The ecopy® green machine, the terminal efficiently processes debit and credit payments, and will even support one value-added  application. Clerks can easily fund over the lightweight, ergonomic  device to customers for PIN entry. The ecopay green machine’s backlit display, easily read menu prompt and intuitive ATM-style  interface reduce the chances of entry errors by customers or clerks. In addition, the terminal’s integrated thermal printer and internal Visa PED-approved PINpad keep your countertop clutter-free.  Finally, the ecopay® name is your assurance of unsurpassed long-term value and reliability at the POS. So no matter how your business grows, ecopay® has the perfect terminal to fit your needs.