Vision & Values


imagesCAMCE8UDTo bring the environment and the electronic payment processing worlds together for the first time. Through integrity, innovation and a “pay it forward” attitude. ecopay® has designed a “give it back” campaign to support environmental fundraising solutions and environmental educational programs for the cities of the future businesses and schools.

ecopay®’s vision is based on the fundamental concept of environmental management, and that is sustainability, source reduction and renewable programs. ecopay®’s program can run indefinitely with exponential growth and is always going to be part of our culture and society with credit and debit sales to create to create a sustainable model.

ecopay®’s goal is to be the payment processing industries first paperless credit/debit card processor with all management online of payment and services. But more importantly educate businesses and schools on the need to source reduce. Lastly, ecopay®’s payment platforms most unique selling position is that it is renewable – it is a constant – not a one time fundraiser, but a renewable revenue stream for the City of participating cities environmental education and related programs.

Our Values

ecopay® will cost the merchant nothing additional, ecopay® will cost the consumer nothing.  What it will do for the environment is everything. A percentage of all monies generated will go directly to environmental education. ecopay® is the integral link between the environment and electronic payments for buyers and sellers. ecopay® can be counted on to bring bold new ideas and advanced technologies to our customers that will ensure their success in the rapidly evolving electronic universe.  ecopay® will exceed our customers’ expectations and build winning relationships through the exceptional quality, unquestioned integrity and passionate commitment of our ecopay® team members to help us win the environmental war.

The power trio/triple threat


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