What is ecopay®?


blackecopay816ecopay® is the world’s first green processor and inventor of the green sale. ecopay® payment processing is a bankcard company, specifically developed to raise money for environmental education and related programs. ecopay is an environmental fundraising company, supported through a first time ever, proprietary funds routing and transfer program designed to directly fund local and regional environmental educational programs. ecopay® is a transaction based processing method, written specifically for all credit and debit transactions, at the merchant/consumer level. ecopay® is a direct way to fund the environment from each and every consumer credit/debit card based sale through a participating ecopay® merchant, that is processing bankcard transactions. ecopay® will be able to process all credit and debit card based sales, with any ecopay® participating merchant and donate money to environmental education, anywhere, anytime.

This ecopay® program will be available in the continental U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska effective immediately. ecopay® will cost nothing additional to the merchants, ecopay® will cost the consumer nothing; what it will do for the participating cities environmental education is everything. All monies generated will be directly funded from traditional merchant bankcard fees, and paid from the ecopay fund, 5% to 25% of the net transaction fee associated with the Visa/MC card based transaction will in part go to local schools and merchants environmental educational programs. The ecopay® payment platform will accept all Visa, MC, American Express, Discover, and all debit cards, ecopay®’s proprietary payment platform will accept 99% of all cards in the market.

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